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As a composer, Guignard's compositions have been performed in four different continents. Most known for his Orchestral and Concert Band/Wind Ensemble repertoire, Guignard also avidly composes vocal music. When he is not composing, Justin Guignard spends most of his time orchestrating music and creating arrangements for various different ensembles. He most recently orchestrated the score for the musical "Broadway Musical: The Broadway Musical". Justin hopes to one day pursue a career in orchestral conducting while putting much emphasis on the importance of educating the youth about symphonic music through the integration of guest contemporary/pop artists into its concerts.

Having started voice lessons at the age of 9, Justin Guignard had already won his first Provincial Music Festival by the age of 12, and won a second time in 2012. He was named the Most Outstanding Junior Vocalist in 2006 by the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS), and got to perform for the French Consul General that same year. From there, his vocal career led him to perform on national television, at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa under the direction of Pinchas Zukerman, and most recently at Carnegie Hall in New York City with John Rutter CBE. 


Has been singing since the age of 9

Justin Guignard


Principal conductor of the Codiac concert band